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I take my friendship duties pretty serious, but never in a million years would I have thought hand making a candle in an effort to turn a sad frown upside down while naming it the battle cry, "Be A Fucking Wolf", would turn into a business; but alas that's what I did and now here is the business, Wicked ∙ Woven. My incredible friends spread the word about my candles, and I quickly found myself in local boutiques, gift shops, and restaurants (all with great taste obviously). I am lucky enough to even be the exclusive candle maker for the rock stars who jam at Raleigh's Red Hat Amphitheater.  Just as  quickly, however,  I noticed the candles in the market all looked and smelled the same...expected and boring! I saw a need  for a candle that would compliment home decor and style -not just smell good- so I hand paint all of my candle jars in a range of colors and metallics. I also custom design every scent that make up the wares. All the candle lids are hand cut and hand burned. Some of the wood was even repurposed from historic places around Raleigh, NC... BONUS! 

I admit, I too was guilty of hoarding used up candle jars. I am excited to offer 100% soy drop in candle refills to eliminate the inevitable build up of future brush holders and planters. 

As if I don't have enough going on, I am currently designing an Industrial inspired candle line and adding really cool and comfy merch which is all made in the U.S.A. Needless to say, I am pretty proud of what this unexpected company has become. I look forward to bringing some beauty and interest to your home decor and style.

- Lauren


Wicked • Woven candles are made with soy wax that provides a clean burn with an impressive burn time (approximately 70 hours in a 12 oz jar!!) and an equally remarkable scent throw. My 12 oz square candles have either a maple or cherry wood wick. Once the candle is lit, the wood will crackle like a mini campfire. Be sure to read the burning instructions for optimum use. I only use premium fragrance oils in my candles mixed and matched in different scent combinations to design my very own. You simply won’t find these scents anywhere else. I use the same wax for the round clearance jars, but use a cotton wick instead of the wood wick. The cotton wick does not crackle.

I became bored with the Plain Jane jars available in the United States, so I thought outside the box and decided to start hand painting my jars in an effort to stand out from the pack. Mission accomplished! These jars are beautiful, interesting, and conversation pieces that should be displayed in your home as such. All of the lids are hand cut and hand burned. Even some of the wood used for the lids have a few stories of their own. Check to see if yours has a # on the inside. It will tell you where I sourced it. 

Because I love these jars so much, I decided to offer refills. This is perfect for my local clients and is usually still less expensive when considering shipping costs for my out of state customers. All are made in small batches for you with love.