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Light your wood wick alllll the way across. It is important to let the melting candle wax reach the edges of the jar to avoid getting a tunnel. Ultimately you want any candle to burn straight across the jar to get the ultimate candle experience.


Every time you are relighting the wood wick, simply flake off the frayed charred edge of the wood wick with your finger and then light it.


Remember the wood wicks will SIMMER vs flame. It’s not uncommon to see different flame heights depending on the environment in which it is burning, but don’t freak out if it is simmering. That’s exactly what it is supposed to do Boo.


Don’t forget that it is burning, watch your kids and pets around them, and don’t leave in the hands of those with an unhealthy fascination for fires. An unattended flame can burn down your house like a crazy ex... fair warning.