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The drop in candle refills are finally here!!!!!! Yes, they are the same wonderful scents you all love, yes every scent is available, and yes they are still 100% soy wax!


I love my candle jars as much as you do, I did paint them after all. I probably love candles as much as you do too, so why not offer refills. Now you can purchase as many candle drop ins to get you through the months as you need. 

You simply clean out your Wicked ∙ Woven candle jar. You can wipe it out with a paper towel while the wax is a warm (not hot) liquid wax,  or, if it is really caked in there, put boiling water in the jar and let it sit overnight. The wax will float to the top and you can just pitch that in the trash. Don’t run it through the dishwasher or pour liquid wax down the sink. It will harden and clog your appliances. Once ALL of the waxy residue is clean and the jar is room temp, remove the sticky dot backing and drop the refill in the jar. You will need to gently push down on the wood wick to make sure it is sticking to the bottom of the jar. If there is any residue at the bottom of the jar it won't stick. If the sticky dot loses its "stickiness" for lack of a better word, you can always hot glue or super glue the metal wick holder to the bottom of the jar. Voila, you're done!! Now blaze it up and enjoy!!


The refill price for the 12 oz square is $16.

The refill price for the reed diffuser oil and 10 reeds is $22